Choosing a team name

Posted: July 30, 2010 in General Football chatter
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So the YAHOO LEAGUE is finally open and we can begin!! Yaaaaay!!

Now before we even get to the real player selection… we are going to have to decide on a team name. There are so many ways this could go. Options Options Options:

You could work with the name of your favourite premier league team. Eg. TanyaUnited (BORING)
Or you could use your name and do something interesting with that. Eg. TDazzlers (CHEESY)

OR >> You could do something lots more interesting. Always remember that nothing humiliates guys more than being beaten by a woman!! And I just love that 🙂 We are at liberty of pushing that envelope. This is supposed to be fun, remember – not serious.

According to Football Babble (granted, thats American Football, but who cares?), here are some options:

Fantasy Team Name

1        Girl Power
2        Women Do It Better
3        Weekend Widows
4        Women Who Score
5        Girls Gone Wild
6        Married…With Children
7        Chicks with Balls

Source: Football Babble

IF you don’t want to go with a male bashing name… Here are the top names from

Fantasy Team Name

1        Bloodbath and Beyond
2        Meth Lab Einsteins
3        The Sons of Pitches
4        French Toast Mafia
5        F.B.I (Female Body Inspectors)
6        Paintball Wizards
7        Kung Fu Pandas
8        The Funky Town Monkey Pimps
9        The Beer View Mirrors
10      Multiple Scorgasms


Rest assured, you can change it all through the season, so its not something to stress about. But I spent a while thinking about it yesterday and today and finally decided on: KICK YOU IN THE BALLS. Hahahahaaaa 🙂


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