Welcome to your Guide to Fantasy Football

Posted: July 30, 2010 in General Football chatter
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Welcome to ALL Newbies (and others, who just won’t admit to needing some help!) to the Yahoo Fantasy Football League. And just to be clear, we’re talking soccer here. http://uk.premiership.fantasysports.yahoo.com/football

As a female who played her first season in 2009, I was lucky to have come from a soccer-loving family and have a husband who could help by talking me through the initial stages. We’ve got a strict rule in our league, however, about “helping”. One could very well get kicked out of the league if they believe you’re being “helped” too much!

Of course, as a female these are the things you are faced with. Constantly having to prove yourself in this male-dominated arena. They talk in code, they want to keep us out. But I am here, helping you. I will try to answer some of the things you may be too embarrassed to ask .. I will tell you what the nicknames of the players and clubs are… Together, we will break the code. And infiltrate the Fantasy Football League – cos they cant be the only ones having fun!

Truth be told, there are so many advantages to managing your own team in the FF (Fantasy Football) League. If you are watching the games anyway, this is the ideal way to really get into it and start enjoying your weekends again!

I look forward to our journey…

  1. Reese says:

    Awesome, well done Tanya, now all I need is for my wife to buy into it!!!

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