Quick Strategy Summary

Posted: August 10, 2010 in General Football chatter

The all important question is: HOW DO I SELECT MY TEAM?

The entire strategy of playing fantasy is governed by cost. You get a certain amount to spend on your team for the week (100). Now of course each player costs a different amount based on their weekly game statistics. In simple terms: When a player is not playing well, he’s cheap. The minute he scores, his price goes up. Therein lies the challenge. You have to buy a player who is on the way up before he gets too far out of your price range. But the decision is made so much more difficult because of your REAL TEAM.

It’s very difficult to be unbiased when it comes to your Fantasy selection…though all successful fantasy players will tell you that you should have no club loyalty (Glory, Glory, Man United!); you should show no mercy and not get emotionally attached to your players. But those would all be guys. As a female, I’m telling you that I do get attached to players.

I do sometimes choose players because I believe they’ll do well, and not necessarily because they’ve proven to be dependable point scorers. There are times when one should sell players because they just aren’t playing well, but I’ll hold on one more week – keeping the faith that THIS week… is his week. I’ve been known to just have a gut feeling and make a selection, when all odds are against it. Sometimes it pays off – but the thing with this move is that you can’t be kwaad (angry) if it doesn’t work. With great risk comes great… no, that’s not how it goes, but you know what I mean. It is not something to do every week. Be warned, you’ll soon want to quit your league if you’re sitting at the bottom of the log saying, ‘You may be getting away from me, but just wait and see when Michael Owen scores and none of you have him! (#KnowWhenToCutYourLosses)

Last season I was in denial for many many weeks about Drogba. I hate Chelsea… ergo, I was NOT going to put Didier – the Drog, in my fantasy team. I didn’t want to want them to win, or him to score. But week after week, guys were getting away from me because Drogs was scoring every single week. Then it became about pride (the whole: ‘No I will not give in’ kind of thing). A few more weeks went by and eveeeentually I succumbed to the Drog. Best decision I made last season. There was no way you couldn’t have him.

So I guess what Im saying is that you need a balance. I still choose Man U players where I can because it adds to the vibe of watching the game. But if they aren’t doing well, I’m going to change strategy and sell Rooney. In fact, I may not start with Rooney this season because of his shocker of a World Cup. A decision I will be making this week! Stay tuned.


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