Week 1 Postmortem and Some tips for Week 2

Posted: August 20, 2010 in The Week Ahead
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Scores for week 1

Week 1: Postmortem

Ok Ok.. so even after my own post about Drogba…. I decided to go with Rooney. And for those of you who did the same – you feel me that we made the WRONG DECISION 😦

With Drogba earning the lucky few 35 points and Rooney only scoring 4 points… those dreaded words playing over and over in my mind.. ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’ ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’ ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’. Well.. thats where we are lucky if we’re playing on Yahoo. It means we can change our team without any cost (shame, the poor guys on the official one cant make changes as easily) – so Im definitely selling Rooney and putting in Drogs this week. [TIP 1]

As for the other selections – Bale was a good choice scoring me 18.5. I didnt have him last season, and he’s a great player to have because he is listed as a defender, but actually plays in the mid field – so you are effectively playing with 5 mids, if you’re playing 3-4-3 [i.e. 3 defenders, 4 mids and 3 strikers – which is the formation I suggest!] – SO HES A KEEPER 🙂  [TIP 2]

And talking about Keepers. My keeper for week 1 was a cheap option because I wanted Bale and Rooney and Malouda.. This also not a great decision. In fact, it was an ok decision – but it just didnt play out the way I had hoped. Wigan was playing Blackpool (a fresh, new team in the EPL) – chances are Wigan was going to beat them. However, Blackpool killed them 4-0.  So this one’s gotta go!!! Im going with my old favorite, he is one of the best: Gomes (Tottenham).  [TIP 3]

As for the midfield… week 1 I got lucky with choice of Malouda. He scored me 25 points 🙂 I unfortunately had Joe Cole, who got a red card. (So he’ll be suspended and must not be selected this week or next I think) Valencia scoring 5 and C Adam scoring ZERO. Overall, a rough week – but still managed to finish 4th  out of 20.

There was such a mess up with the scores this week because I was actually at Number 2.. but on Wednesday, scores magically changed and I found myself at Number 4. What can ya do! But I was pissed off.. Cos now my husbands team is ahead of mine. I was enjoying gloating just for a few days because I know thats probably not going to happen again.

To summarize…  This weeks must haves: Drogba, Malouda, Bale > The fillers you have to decide. Make sure they are playing. Preferably at home and against lesser teams. Sounds simple ey? hahaaaa

Good Luck this week ok, and let me know how things are going?

  1. Reese says:

    Heard a rumor Drogba and Lampard might be rested due to the champions league first rounds starting next week 😉

    Use it, dont use it…

  2. Reese says:

    My bad, the reason is incorrect but they might be rested, cant find that bitch-ass site that said why…..

    My Tip for week 2, new boy…. Ramires

  3. effootball says:

    Its a week for new boys..

    Im thinking of going with Hernández – but he probably wont start. Who knows what Fergies going to do with his boy Rooney thats just not playing well!

    But Ramires… thanks for the tip 🙂 Will look into it.

    As for the Drogba story.. IM NOT FALLING FOR IT. lol!!

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