Mess up with Yahoo scores last week!

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Just a note: I woke up yesterday to the great news that I was second on the log again. Such a mess up with Yahoo scores last week. So the image that shows I only scored 60.5 is incorrect. My official score for Week 1 was: 74! I thank you.

Still waiting for the scores to update…. But Im sure I wont be able to hold on to my 2nd place since I didnt have Walcott. SUCH A LUCKY GUESS by some that he would do well. But I dont even think those people anticipated the Hattrick that he produced. But sometimes, just sometimes people get lucky. And this was one of those times. There wasnt much indication that this was going to happen. Especially with Blackpools good debut performance last week. So here we are – lets just see what happens.

N.B. TIP::  Theres this little thing about buying players before the scores update.  When the scores update, so do the player prices. SO – if any player has a really good game, of course his price is going to increase. What this means isssss…. you’ve gotta buy them before the scores update. This ensures that you’ll be able to buy them at the price they were before they scored 🙂 Thus beating the slow coaches to the punch. If you decide you dont want them, just sell ’em when you’re working on your team during the week. Either way, its best to cover your bases this way.

So getting back to this week..

Im really hoping Fergie gives the new wunderkind a chance to shine – I need some luck on my side today. LETS GO UNITED!!


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