What a great Monday morning this is! The sun is shining in Cape Town, bringing with it…the promise of summer 🙂 How could we NOT be happy today. OH, thats right.. if we didnt do well in the Fantasy this past weekend. Well, luckily for most, it was a pretty good weekend.

Some highlights were:

  • The Man U 3-3 draw with Berbatov scoring again. Surprise Surprise! Whats happening with this guy?
  • The Arsenal 4-1 win with Chamach scoring. Surprise Surprise! (I didnt have him. I guess Im still in denial)
  • The Newcastle loss!! (I had Carroll AND Barton, but also Charlie Adam who scored the penalty for Blackpool)
  • Spurs draw?! I thought they’d win that game for sure. So that was a surprise!
  • Fulham vs Wolves…. I dont even want to talk about it. I committed the classic mistake of having Dembele in my team – and then selling him and rather going with Ebanks-Blake?! My guy scoring 2.5 and Dembele scoring 27.5. Are you KIDDING ME!??
Week 4 Results

Week 4 Results

All in all, it was a good week for me – having moved up a place. Now at no 4 🙂

I’m also behind 3rd place by a mere 3 points.

BIG decision coming up this week. Shall I keep Reina when he’s playing against my team next week??? Any advice?

  1. Reese says:

    If you ask me, DROP REINA! Liverpool are looking less than average ATM and playing MAN at home is gonna be tough. These games are always hotly contested but i think Liverpool are in for a very long game…


  2. effootball says:

    Man and Pool both arent looking to good…. I wouldnt mind maybe getting in on the Berb action again – but then Id have to change keepers.

    Its Thursday and I still dont know what Im gonna do 😦

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