Just a note: I woke up yesterday to the great news that I was second on the log again. Such a mess up with Yahoo scores last week. So the image that shows I only scored 60.5 is incorrect. My official score for Week 1 was: 74! I thank you.

Still waiting for the scores to update…. But Im sure I wont be able to hold on to my 2nd place since I didnt have Walcott. SUCH A LUCKY GUESS by some that he would do well. But I dont even think those people anticipated the Hattrick that he produced. But sometimes, just sometimes people get lucky. And this was one of those times. There wasnt much indication that this was going to happen. Especially with Blackpools good debut performance last week. So here we are – lets just see what happens.

N.B. TIP::  Theres this little thing about buying players before the scores update.  When the scores update, so do the player prices. SO – if any player has a really good game, of course his price is going to increase. What this means isssss…. you’ve gotta buy them before the scores update. This ensures that you’ll be able to buy them at the price they were before they scored 🙂 Thus beating the slow coaches to the punch. If you decide you dont want them, just sell ’em when you’re working on your team during the week. Either way, its best to cover your bases this way.

So getting back to this week..

Im really hoping Fergie gives the new wunderkind a chance to shine – I need some luck on my side today. LETS GO UNITED!!


Ok, testing this posting via the iPhone app..

So how’s your Saturday going??? I’m happy that Bale scored twice 🙂 Malouda also scored… Drogbas the only one who didn’t score – but it’s all good. Everyone had him, so there’s no real problem with that.

Classic rookie mistake of the week.. Making a change on Friday meaning to do more research on Fri night or Saturday morning. Shyte happens and I didn’t get a chance to do that! So I’m stuck with a guy who’s NOT playing today – so I’ll just take that 0!

Looking forward to tomorrows United game and also the Liverpool game on Monday as well.

So let me know how it’s going!


Scores for week 1

Week 1: Postmortem

Ok Ok.. so even after my own post about Drogba…. I decided to go with Rooney. And for those of you who did the same – you feel me that we made the WRONG DECISION 😦

With Drogba earning the lucky few 35 points and Rooney only scoring 4 points… those dreaded words playing over and over in my mind.. ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’ ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’ ‘I shouldve gone with Drogba’. Well.. thats where we are lucky if we’re playing on Yahoo. It means we can change our team without any cost (shame, the poor guys on the official one cant make changes as easily) – so Im definitely selling Rooney and putting in Drogs this week. [TIP 1]

As for the other selections – Bale was a good choice scoring me 18.5. I didnt have him last season, and he’s a great player to have because he is listed as a defender, but actually plays in the mid field – so you are effectively playing with 5 mids, if you’re playing 3-4-3 [i.e. 3 defenders, 4 mids and 3 strikers – which is the formation I suggest!] – SO HES A KEEPER 🙂  [TIP 2]

And talking about Keepers. My keeper for week 1 was a cheap option because I wanted Bale and Rooney and Malouda.. This also not a great decision. In fact, it was an ok decision – but it just didnt play out the way I had hoped. Wigan was playing Blackpool (a fresh, new team in the EPL) – chances are Wigan was going to beat them. However, Blackpool killed them 4-0.  So this one’s gotta go!!! Im going with my old favorite, he is one of the best: Gomes (Tottenham).  [TIP 3]

As for the midfield… week 1 I got lucky with choice of Malouda. He scored me 25 points 🙂 I unfortunately had Joe Cole, who got a red card. (So he’ll be suspended and must not be selected this week or next I think) Valencia scoring 5 and C Adam scoring ZERO. Overall, a rough week – but still managed to finish 4th  out of 20.

There was such a mess up with the scores this week because I was actually at Number 2.. but on Wednesday, scores magically changed and I found myself at Number 4. What can ya do! But I was pissed off.. Cos now my husbands team is ahead of mine. I was enjoying gloating just for a few days because I know thats probably not going to happen again.

To summarize…  This weeks must haves: Drogba, Malouda, Bale > The fillers you have to decide. Make sure they are playing. Preferably at home and against lesser teams. Sounds simple ey? hahaaaa

Good Luck this week ok, and let me know how things are going?

The all important question is: HOW DO I SELECT MY TEAM?

The entire strategy of playing fantasy is governed by cost. You get a certain amount to spend on your team for the week (100). Now of course each player costs a different amount based on their weekly game statistics. In simple terms: When a player is not playing well, he’s cheap. The minute he scores, his price goes up. Therein lies the challenge. You have to buy a player who is on the way up before he gets too far out of your price range. But the decision is made so much more difficult because of your REAL TEAM.

It’s very difficult to be unbiased when it comes to your Fantasy selection…though all successful fantasy players will tell you that you should have no club loyalty (Glory, Glory, Man United!); you should show no mercy and not get emotionally attached to your players. But those would all be guys. As a female, I’m telling you that I do get attached to players.

I do sometimes choose players because I believe they’ll do well, and not necessarily because they’ve proven to be dependable point scorers. There are times when one should sell players because they just aren’t playing well, but I’ll hold on one more week – keeping the faith that THIS week… is his week. I’ve been known to just have a gut feeling and make a selection, when all odds are against it. Sometimes it pays off – but the thing with this move is that you can’t be kwaad (angry) if it doesn’t work. With great risk comes great… no, that’s not how it goes, but you know what I mean. It is not something to do every week. Be warned, you’ll soon want to quit your league if you’re sitting at the bottom of the log saying, ‘You may be getting away from me, but just wait and see when Michael Owen scores and none of you have him! (#KnowWhenToCutYourLosses)

Last season I was in denial for many many weeks about Drogba. I hate Chelsea… ergo, I was NOT going to put Didier – the Drog, in my fantasy team. I didn’t want to want them to win, or him to score. But week after week, guys were getting away from me because Drogs was scoring every single week. Then it became about pride (the whole: ‘No I will not give in’ kind of thing). A few more weeks went by and eveeeentually I succumbed to the Drog. Best decision I made last season. There was no way you couldn’t have him.

So I guess what Im saying is that you need a balance. I still choose Man U players where I can because it adds to the vibe of watching the game. But if they aren’t doing well, I’m going to change strategy and sell Rooney. In fact, I may not start with Rooney this season because of his shocker of a World Cup. A decision I will be making this week! Stay tuned.

So the YAHOO LEAGUE is finally open and we can begin!! Yaaaaay!!

Now before we even get to the real player selection… we are going to have to decide on a team name. There are so many ways this could go. Options Options Options:

You could work with the name of your favourite premier league team. Eg. TanyaUnited (BORING)
Or you could use your name and do something interesting with that. Eg. TDazzlers (CHEESY)

OR >> You could do something lots more interesting. Always remember that nothing humiliates guys more than being beaten by a woman!! And I just love that 🙂 We are at liberty of pushing that envelope. This is supposed to be fun, remember – not serious.

According to Football Babble (granted, thats American Football, but who cares?), here are some options:

Fantasy Team Name

1        Girl Power
2        Women Do It Better
3        Weekend Widows
4        Women Who Score
5        Girls Gone Wild
6        Married…With Children
7        Chicks with Balls

Source: Football Babble

IF you don’t want to go with a male bashing name… Here are the top names from Teamnames.net

Fantasy Team Name

1        Bloodbath and Beyond
2        Meth Lab Einsteins
3        The Sons of Pitches
4        French Toast Mafia
5        F.B.I (Female Body Inspectors)
6        Paintball Wizards
7        Kung Fu Pandas
8        The Funky Town Monkey Pimps
9        The Beer View Mirrors
10      Multiple Scorgasms

Source: www.teamnames.net

Rest assured, you can change it all through the season, so its not something to stress about. But I spent a while thinking about it yesterday and today and finally decided on: KICK YOU IN THE BALLS. Hahahahaaaa 🙂

Welcome to ALL Newbies (and others, who just won’t admit to needing some help!) to the Yahoo Fantasy Football League. And just to be clear, we’re talking soccer here. http://uk.premiership.fantasysports.yahoo.com/football

As a female who played her first season in 2009, I was lucky to have come from a soccer-loving family and have a husband who could help by talking me through the initial stages. We’ve got a strict rule in our league, however, about “helping”. One could very well get kicked out of the league if they believe you’re being “helped” too much!

Of course, as a female these are the things you are faced with. Constantly having to prove yourself in this male-dominated arena. They talk in code, they want to keep us out. But I am here, helping you. I will try to answer some of the things you may be too embarrassed to ask .. I will tell you what the nicknames of the players and clubs are… Together, we will break the code. And infiltrate the Fantasy Football League – cos they cant be the only ones having fun!

Truth be told, there are so many advantages to managing your own team in the FF (Fantasy Football) League. If you are watching the games anyway, this is the ideal way to really get into it and start enjoying your weekends again!

I look forward to our journey…