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So with the season warming up now and decisions becoming increasingly difficult – we start HERE:  looking at the fixtures for the weekend ahead.

Newbie TIP: Matches are easier when teams are playing at HOME. So we look where the games are happening for the big teams to decide which teams we should be looking at.

FORWARDS DEBATE (We don’t call them Strikers hey!)

United home against Westham

So in theory, United should win this comfortably. The problem is that none of their players are doing anything noteworthy. Rooney?? Hernandez?? Nani?? The only one worth considering at this point is Berbatov, and thats saying alot. He costs 13,21 on yahoo for those thinking about it. I certainly am.

City away to Sunderland

With City’s win against Liverpool on Monday, I think they should win this one. It is away though – and the only player I’d put in my team right now is Tevez. But he costs a whopping 17,69 – which is too much for my budget!

Spurs home against Wigan

So I’ll be hanging on to my keeper (Gomes) – because Spurs should take this one. He is in a bit of injury doubt though, so I’ll have to keep my eye on him on the Saturday morning injury list.  In terms of forwards, Crouch scored 3 goals for them last night in their Euro qualifier, so Im considering him. He also only costs 9,30 so thats not too bad.

Chelsea home against Stoke

You should be getting the hang on this by now, so you’ll know Im about to say: Stock up on Chelsea players this week! I’m keeping Drogba and Malouda. Im not one for putting all my eggs in one basket though, so in my opinion, I’d only put a max of 3 players from one team, in my fantasy team.

Liverpool home against West Brom

Aaah, Liverpool is upsetting me as much as United, so Im steering clear of these guys. They should win this match. But the question is WHO will score. Will Torres start?  Etc etc.. N’gog is already in my team, and I got him for very cheap (not that he’s increased in price that much) – but I’m still not sure if I’ll keep him. Reality is that he is only the second forward and will not shine as brightly as Torres.

Arsenal away to Blackburn

Now Arsenal had a great game last week, with Walcott scoring 3 goals. The question for me is: What are the chances of him scoring again? I’ve always liked him, but he’s not a consistent goal scorer. He also now costs 13,55. So if you can afford him, put him in – Im doubtful I will.

Newcastle away to Wolves

Goldenboy of the moment: Carroll, who plays for Newcastle, who also scored 3 goals for them last week. Same question applies! They are playing away. This is a new boy. Will he score again?? You just can’t be sure. He costs 11,34 if you’re interested. I might be..

Of course Bale needs to get a mention because he is THE best ‘defender’ in the EPL, and you’ve just got to have him.

Good Luck with your team and let me know how things are going!

Drogba and Malouda : Chelsea

The Must-have!