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So I’ve been quiet over the last few weeks, and I must apologise – but I was really unsure of myself just before Week 6 – and quite rightly so as I only scored 38 points. Week 7 however, showed me some mercy with 93.5 and I even managed to hang on to 4th place! (With 5th and 6th close behind as always)

There were some shockers for me this weekend. Mainly the Man U draw with Sunderland and the Liverpool loss at Anfield against Blackpool.  The Chelsea/Arsenal result wasn’t surprising so I wont even get into it!

LIVERPOOL: In the relegation zone


Reina: Dont pick me for your Fantasy team!

A win by Blackpool doesn’t surprise me much because they’ve been doing fairly ok, but the Liverpool LOSS causing them to find themselves in the bottom 3 of the table? Liverpool manager,  Hodgson said: “There are 31 games left but when you are in the relegation zone you are in a relegation battle.” [WATCH THE VIDEO OF HODGSON’S POST GAME INTERVIEW HERE:]

In terms of the Fantasy, Reina is my keeper – and I’m definitely reconsidering that choice! And those poor die hard YNWA guys who put Torres in along with their hopes and prayers – alas the golden boy did not make it past the 10th minute.  Blackpool manager Ian Holloway revealed when the Liverpool striker limped off early on he had thought: “Maybe this is our day.” I have to admit, the same thought went through my mind. HAHA!

MANCHESTER UNITED: Another draw and yet stay in the top 3


Berba: Looook into my eyeball

My team, my team, my team, Manchester United is another cause of major concern. In terms of my fantasy – I made the hard decision of dropping Berbatov this week in exchange for Van Der Vaart. Best choice of the week for me – but it was bitter sweet in a sense. Oh, Fergie better pull out something spectacular in training because I don’t want to witness another draw or even loss in 2 weeks when they face WBA at home. According to an article on yahoo sports this morning, Ryan Giggs is considering a career in United management. [] – what do you think of this?

Aaaaaaaaaaand on to the Good news….

SPURS: Van Der Vaart – need I say more

Van Der Vaart

Van Der Vaart - you have a new FAN!

With Tottenham really being like my ‘second team’ – Ive been quite disappointed that there are no players who I can depend on. Croutch? Defoe?  Modric?  Pav?  Lennon? None of whom are actually scoring at this point.

VdV is the one guy on this team who is showing major potential and not only that, is actually scoring! So at home against Villa, coming from behind, VdV made himself a fan favourite for sure with his 2 goals, securing the win. And he definitely found a fan in ME. Harry and I are patting ourselves on the back for a good choice here!

I’ll be back in a week with discussions and considerations for Week 8. Ya’ll keep safe till then!

Berba vs Reina

Berba vs Reina

… and guess who I chose???  The WRONG one.

Reina’s score ended up being -7 points.. which actually wasnt as bas as it couldve been. And my final tally for the weekend was 90.. which also wasnt too bad.

My points aim per week is 90 – 100.. so that didnt pan out too badly for me in the end. The ‘what ifs’ plagued me as I was watching the game, but there really isn’t anything you can do, so you just have to try and emotionally detach yourself. (Easier said than done of course!)

I couldn’t hardly even watch the game. As a Man U supporter, with Reina in my fantasy team, I was SO torn. I decided then and there that I was not going to do that to myself again. But in hindsight, Im ok with my decision, and Im not going to let it change the way I select my team in the future. If Man U had lost I wouldve been singing a different tune, so Im just going to chalk it up to bad luck and move on.

I was considering dropping Malouda from my team this week, but thought I’ll keep him just ONE more week. Luckily!! He scored 31.5 points!! I wouldve dropped significantly if he wasnt in my team.. So Im still in 4th, but 5th isnt that far behind. So I have to stay on my toes 🙂

After that emotional weekend, I just need a few days rest before I start it all again. See you on Friday.

QUESTION: Who are your must have cheap guys? It really is the season of the cheap player since almost everyone has the same big names.

What a great Monday morning this is! The sun is shining in Cape Town, bringing with it…the promise of summer 🙂 How could we NOT be happy today. OH, thats right.. if we didnt do well in the Fantasy this past weekend. Well, luckily for most, it was a pretty good weekend.

Some highlights were:

  • The Man U 3-3 draw with Berbatov scoring again. Surprise Surprise! Whats happening with this guy?
  • The Arsenal 4-1 win with Chamach scoring. Surprise Surprise! (I didnt have him. I guess Im still in denial)
  • The Newcastle loss!! (I had Carroll AND Barton, but also Charlie Adam who scored the penalty for Blackpool)
  • Spurs draw?! I thought they’d win that game for sure. So that was a surprise!
  • Fulham vs Wolves…. I dont even want to talk about it. I committed the classic mistake of having Dembele in my team – and then selling him and rather going with Ebanks-Blake?! My guy scoring 2.5 and Dembele scoring 27.5. Are you KIDDING ME!??
Week 4 Results

Week 4 Results

All in all, it was a good week for me – having moved up a place. Now at no 4 🙂

I’m also behind 3rd place by a mere 3 points.

BIG decision coming up this week. Shall I keep Reina when he’s playing against my team next week??? Any advice?